2012 Croucher Scholars and Croucher Fellows

Croucher’s HK$16 million Scholarships for Hong Kong Students

The Croucher Foundation of Hong Kong announced this year’s awards of about HK$16 million to 11 postdoctoral scientists and another 6 doctoral students to enable them to pursue their research studies abroad.

The 17 recipients of these Croucher awards include 3 who are currently studying in universities in Hong Kong, and 14 Hong Kong students who are already doing their university degrees in the United Kingdom; United States, Germany and Canada . They were selected from about 100 applicants after a competitive review process conducted by 17 senior local and overseas scientists from various scientific disciplines.

The Croucher scholarships are full scholarships, which mean they cover tuition fees, maintenance allowance, airfare and allowances for attending international conferences. The awards are however only restricted to doctoral and postdoctoral levels of studies in natural science, technology and medicine. The maximum for a doctoral scholarship may be as high as HK$1.49 million each, while that of a postdoctoral fellowship for two years may be up to HK$850,000.

Croucher Foundation Fellowships/Scholarships 2012/2013


Full Name Subject University
Mr Chan Ching Kit Physics Harvard University, USA
Miss Chan Kit Yu Karen Oceanography Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, USA
Miss Chu Ka Yin Karene Mathematics Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
Dr Hung Ling Yan Physics Harvard University, USA
Dr Law Hiu Fai Mathematics Universität Hamburg, Germany
Mr Lee Ho Wai Howard Physics California Institute of Technology, USA
Mr Leung Hoi Tik Alvin Biophysics University of Basel, Switzerland
Dr Lin Hoi Ying Gloria Immunology Ontario Cancer Institute, Canada
Mr Tai Pui Kuen Amos Environmental Science Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
Dr Tsang Kit Man Stem Cells Johns Hopkins University, USA
Dr Wong Siu Lun Synthetic Biology Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA


Miss Lau Hay Wun Dawn Neuroscience King’s College London, UK
Mr Wong Kin Yau Biostatistics University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA

Croucher Cambridge International Scholarship 2012/2013

Mr Kwan Tai Lun Terence Chemistry University of Cambridge, UK
Mr Wong Ho Wai Hovy Neuroscience University of Cambridge, UK
Mr Yu Hiu Ming Bosco Mechanics of Materials University of Cambridge, UK

University of Oxford Croucher Scholarships 2012/2013

Miss Cheung Shu Faye Physics University of Oxford, UK