Advanced Study Institutes 2011-12

1 June 2011

An Advanced Study Institute (ASI) is a high-level teaching activity where a carefully defined subject, systematically presented, is treated in depth by lecturers of international standing, and new advances in a subject, not taught elsewhere, are reported in tutorial form. The scheme was first started in 1998. The 2011-12 awards were as follows:

  1. Urban Climatology for Tropical and Sub-tropical Regions (CUHK): HK$596,000;
  2. Frontier in Cell Biology Research (CUHK): HK$512,800;
  3. Dynamical Control of Quantum Coherence for Current and Future Information Technologies (CUHK): HK$600,000;
  4. Tumour Microenvironment- New Concepts and Molecular Mechanisms (HKU): HK$600,000;
  5. Stem Cells: Niches, Regeneration & Repair (HKU): HK$600,000.

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