Emergency funding

Croucher Foundation Fund for Students with Emergency Needs

This fund has been in operation since 1982 for the explicit purpose of providing financial support for full time undergraduate and postgraduate students who run into unexpected personal or family crises that may cause termination or undue interruption to their academic studies.

The administration of the fund is delegated to the student affairs offices of nine universities in Hong Kong. The scheme is promoted using poster campaigns, direct email and online publicity. The student affairs offices arrange several briefing sessions each year for teaching staff and student counsellors to ensure that all staff are familiar with the scheme and know what to do if they identify a student experiencing sudden financial difficulty. Grants are made to individual students following an interview with a professionally-qualified student counsellor.

The emergencies as reported cover mainly timely relief to students with needs caused by unexpected events such as illness, accident or death of an income earner in the student’s family, and assistance to students who do not have adequate support because of serious family problems, or specific types of family crisis, to the extent that without such financial support, these students may have terminated their studies.

This scheme reaches some of the most disadvantaged students in Hong Kong, who might otherwise have to leave full time education, perhaps permanently. The Trustees wish to express appreciations to each of the participants institutions for meeting the cost of the administration of the scheme, providing a guarantee that the full amount of each grant was used to the direct benefit of the eligible recipients.

If you are a full time undergraduate or postgraduate student enrolled in one of the following universities and wish to apply for support under the Croucher Foundation Fund for Students with Emergency Needs, please contact your Student Affairs Office for more information:

City University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong Baptist University
Lingnan University
Chinese University of Hong Kong
Education University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong Metropolitan University
Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
University of Hong Kong