Out-of-school STEM study

The landscape for out-of-school STEM learning in Hong Kong is evolving. In 2017, to capture this change, the Croucher Foundation conducted a mapping exercise. This is the second annual mapping exercise conducted by the Croucher Foundation.

The study reveals a rich and vibrant ecosystem for out-of-school STEM in Hong Kong with almost 2,000 discrete activities covering a very wide range of science disciplines. This second report indicates extremely rapid growth in available out-of-school STEM activities compared to 2016 and an even larger increase in the number of organisations offering out-of-school STEM activities in Hong Kong. One significant highlight of this study is that we conducted focus groups to explore the experiences and perceptions of students and parents.

We trust that this mapping document will be useful to students, parents and teachers as they plan extracurricular activities, and that in the longer term it will inspire more young people to follow their intellectual inclinations, and to try out curiosity-driven science.


Second Report 2016-2017
Out-of-school STEM Activities in Hong Kong from June 2016 to May 2017
STEM Organisers in Hong Kong 2016/2017


out-of-school-stem-report Out-of-School STEM Ecosystem in Hong Kong
activities Out-of-school STEM Activities in Hong Kong from June 2015 to May 2016
organisers STEM Organisers in Hong Kong 2015/2016