Lectures and Workshops for School Students

The Foundation was the main sponsor of the Science Alive programme of demonstration lectures and teacher workshops which later established as a regular school activity in Hong Kong involving eminent UK scientists and Hong Kong secondary school students, together with their teachers and parents.

The programme was a high profile and popular event with young people in Hong Kong. Participation in the programme offered secondary schools a rare opportunity to share experience collectively with scientists from overseas, and to learn about recent developments in science and science teaching. Participating scientists were identified by the British Council, which was responsible for coordinating the event. The activity was also supported actively by the Hong Kong Science Museum.

This programme contributes to the development of education in Hong Kong by encouraging young people to become more engaged in scientific discovery, helping to prepare the ground for the next generation of research scientists. The Foundation supported annual Science Alive events from 2011-2015 contributing about HK$4 million.