MBBS/PhD Awards

To sustain the high standard of medical science in Hong Kong, we believe that there is every advantage in equipping a small cohort of highly talented postgraduate students with both a thorough and up-to-date medical training and also knowledge of the scientific basis of medicine. Such students, the next generation of Hong Kong physician scientists, should be adept developing therapeutic strategies which bridge the gap between basic science and clinical practice, and should have the ability both to discover and to apply their discoveries for the benefit of human health. In the longer term, we believe that they will contribute to the continuing development of Hong Kong as a world-class centre for biological and medical science.

In 2005, the Trustees initiated a discussion with the medical faculties of the University of Hong Kong and the Chinese University of Hong Kong on the possibility of developing a combined MBBS/PhD programme in Hong Kong. This is an intercalated full-time postgraduate programme usually extending over a period of not less than eight years leading upon completion to the award of an MBBS and a PhD degree.

Two years later, building on the experience of several renowned universities, and with input from Trustee Professor Timothy Cox in his capacity as Head of the Department of Medicine of the University of Cambridge, the Medical Faculty of the University of Hong Kong announced the launch of the first MB/PhD curriculum to be offered in Hong Kong. Three students were brave enough to take up the challenge of this eight year programme. The Foundation has provided full scholarships to cover the doctoral study of each of the three selected students.

Croucher Start-up 2.0

The Foundation recently introduced a new funding initiative for all Croucher award recipients at any career stage who wish to use their scientific and technological expertise to set up companies with linkages with Hong Kong. All Croucher award recipients from any year may apply. Successful applicants will receive a grant of up to HK$1 million from the Croucher Foundation payable to their company. The initiative supports founders at the earliest stage. Award recipients already receiving seed funding or early stage venture capital from other sources are not encouraged to apply. If you wish to find out more about Start-up 2.0 click here.

Last Modified: 09/09/2021