• At the forefront of forensic science
    23 October 2015

    Dr Stephen Ip has been working as a chemist in the Forensic Science Division at the Government Laboratory since summer 2009. He works on current crime investigations, as well as working to develop the field of forensic science for the future.
  • A sticky situation
    19 October 2015

    After spending years devising methods to penetrate mucus barriers, 2008 Croucher fellow, Dr Sam Lai, hit a scientific epiphany- choosing to instead research the reinforcement of the mucus barrier, in order to cure and prevent illness.
  • Croucher Innovation Award: Vic Law
    16 October 2015

    2015 Croucher Innovation Award recipient, Dr Vic Law, is an expert in topological materials. Law seeks to find new topological states and study the properties of these new topological materials through his research.
  • Exploring cell therapy and cell-free therapy
    14 October 2015

    Harbouring a long-standing interest in stem cells, Dr Kathy Lui, 2009 Croucher fellow, has been investigating key areas of stem cell immunology, seeking to facilitate post-transplantation acceptance for stem cell-derived tissues, and to facilitate a better protection mechanism against degenerative diseases.
  • Croucher Innovation Award: Shizhong Zhang
    9 October 2015

    Physicist, Dr Shizhong Zhang, has been jointly awarded the Croucher Foundation Innovation Award of 2015 along with Dr Vic Law, a physicist from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.
  • Dr Sharon Lee: the future of secure banking
    6 October 2015

    Dr Sharon Lee, 2008 Croucher scholar, joined Cronto Limited in 2012, following the completion of her PhD studies at the University of Cambridge. Lee and a team of research and innovation managers are working towards the next generation of secure banking devices.
  • Dr Sun Hongzhe: metalloproteins
    2 October 2015

    Dr Hongzhe Sun, a Professor of Chemistry at The University of Hong Kong, has been working on metalloproteins, and led the novel development of a fluorescent probe that can rapidly trace proteins inside living cells.
  • (ENG) Dr Evelyne Kuo: nature conservation at wetland park
    29 September 2015

    Ecologist, Dr Evelyne Kuo, has been working at Hong Kong Wetland Park since January 2015, as a Nature Conservation Officer for the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department.
  • (ENG) Research highlight: proteomics
    25 September 2015

    Professor Sze Siu Kwan Newman, at Nanyang Technology University in Singapore's School of Biological Sciences, is leading a multidisciplinary research team to develop and apply advanced proteomic technologies to decipher human diseases, elucidate epigenetic regulatory mechanisms and chromatin structure, and characterise microbial biocatalysts for viable biorefinery processes.
  • (ENG) Research highlight: super-slippery surfaces
    22 September 2015

    We revisit Dr Tak Sing Wong's research into slippery-surfaces, and learn about his latest project. Wong’s research, at The Pennsylvania State University, combines biologically inspired concepts and innovative material design to develop super-slippery surfaces that can be applied in a broad range of industrial, medical, and environmental applications.
  • (ENG) Dr Wai Lo: asking the right questions for a sustainable future
    18 September 2015

    Throughout his career spanning academia, engineering, and strategic business development, Dr Wai Lo has been driven by a curiosity and desire to understand the implications of scientific achievements to everyday life. As the senior director of strategic business development at Hanwha, Lo looks to the future of clean technology.
  • (ENG) Dr Bill Wong: immunotherapy as the future of mainstream cancer treatment
    15 September 2015

    Dr Piu Bill Wong is a seasoned molecular biologist and budding immunologist working on the future of cancer treatment - specifically, the prospect of using the immune system, rather than chemotherapy, as a mainstream cancer treatment.
  • (ENG) Terahertz experts gather in Hong Kong
    9 September 2015

    In August 2015, physicists, chemists and electronic engineers gathered at the Chinese University of Hong Kong Hong Kong for the 40th International Conference on Infrared, Millimeter and Terahertz Waves.
  • (ENG) Dr Steve Tse: the future of clean energy
    7 September 2015

    Dr Steve Tse, 2013 Croucher fellow and postdoctoral scholar at The University of Chicago, answers questions about his career to date, and ongoing research into proton exchange membranes as a potential replacement for alkaline fuel cell technology.
  • (ENG) Dr Kawai Kwok: solid oxide fuel cell technology
    4 September 2015

    Dr Kawai Kwok, a research scientist at the Department of Energy Conversion and Storage at the Technical University of Denmark, collaborates with a team of eletrochemists and material scientists to develop technology for renewable energy: solid oxide fuel cells.
  • (ENG) Dr Zan Chu: new approaches to modelling human behaviour
    2 September 2015

    Dr Zan Chu's PhD at Stanford focused on studying patterns in human behaviour during emergency evacuations. Now a Program Manager at Microsoft, Chu applies her expertise in human behaviour to conduct product usability studies, allowing her to identify product features that are key to improving user experience.
  • (ENG) Research highlight: invisibility cloak and beyond
    29 August 2015

    Dr Jensen Li, a physicist and senior lecturer from the Metamaterials Group in the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Birmingham, has been working on invisibility cloaks made from metamaterials.
  • (ENG) Dr Alan Lai: mathematician-turned-bioinformatician
    27 August 2015

    Mathematician-turned-bioinformatician, Dr Chung Lun Alan Lai talks about his career shift away from theoretical mathematics.
  • (ENG) CAS Croucher: functionalising carboranes
    20 August 2015

    The Croucher Foundation has approved a three-year grant totalling one million Hong Kong dollars to the Shanghai Hong Kong Joint Laboratory in Chemical Synthesis for its research on carborane functionalisation.
  • (ENG) Julia Mantaj: 2015 cancer biology course
    18 August 2015

    Julia Mantaj traveled from London to attend the 2015 summer cancer biology course. Read more about the course, and Mantaj's experience.
  • (ENG) Croucher class of 2015
    14 August 2015

    Announcement of this year’s Croucher award recipients.
  • (ENG) Tsinghua – HKU collaboration on Sjogren’s syndrome
    13 August 2015

    Croucher Foundation has approved a grant of HKD 3 million to support the joint study between the HKU Medical Faculty and Tsinghua University School of Medicine, on the pathogenesis and treatment of Sjögren’s syndrome.
  • (ENG) Croucher – Keystone Symposia partnership
    11 August 2015

    The Croucher Foundation is pleased to announce its new three-year partnership with Keystone Symposia on Molecular and Cellular Biology, a nonprofit organization headquartered in Silverthorne, Colorado, USA.
  • (ENG) Dr Sing Yiu Cheung: the internet of things
    6 August 2015

    Director of research and development of PINC Solutions and Croucher scholar, Dr Sing Yiu Cheung, has assisted in revolutionising the shipping industry with cutting edge tracking technology.
  • (ENG) The 2015 Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting
    4 August 2015

    From the 28th of June to the 3rd of July 2015, four Croucher fellows, Kwok Chun Kit, Leung Chuen Yan, Ng Wai Lung, Wong Man Yan were invited as Young Scientists to attend the 65th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting on the island of Lindau, Germany.
  • (ENG) Dr Albert Cheng: exploring the potential of CRISPR-Cas9
    22 July 2015

    On 1st July 2015, Dr Albert Cheng, a 2007 Croucher Scholar, was appointed to the faculty of Jackson Laboratory of Genomic Medicine in Farmington, Connecticut, USA. After launching his own laboratory, Cheng will continue his work on the CRISPR-Cas9 system.
  • (ENG) Research highlight: inflammation and colon cancer
    20 July 2015

    Dr Kepeng Wang won a Croucher Foundation Fellowship in 2009 when he started his postdoctoral studies in cancer research at the Department of Pharmacology, University of California, San Diego.
  • (ENG) Research highlight: a new class of nanoscale materials
    9 July 2015

    Dr Wang Yao, a theoretical physicist from The University of Hong Kong, has been working on single-layer two-dimensional semiconductors, a new class of nanoscale materials made in sheets only three atoms thick, in collaboration with experimental physicists at the University of Washington.
  • (ENG) Dr Hung Ling Yan: unravelling the nature of quantum entanglement
    30 June 2015

    The entanglement entropy is an important quantitative measure of quantum entanglement. Its properties are crucial to our understanding of the nature of quantum entanglement and different phases of matter.
  • (ENG) Croucher Senior Research Fellow Zhongjun Zhou
    25 June 2015

    Professor Zhongjun Zhou, a biochemist from The University of Hong Kong, is an internationally recognised expert on laminopathy-based premature aging.
  • (ENG) Croucher Senior Research Fellow Kenneth Kam Wing Lo
    23 June 2015

    Professor Kenneth Lo Kam-Wing is an internationally-recognised inorganic chemist at the City University of Hong Kong (CityU) with expertise in the synthesis of phosphorescent compounds used as biological probes in imaging.
  • (ENG) Vincent Mak: a career across diverse paths
    18 June 2015

    Many years ago, as a naïve youngster, I thought I wanted to become a physicist.
  • (ENG) Understanding the early-life stages of marine invertebrates
    18 June 2015

    Dr Karen Chan conducts research in the field of oceanography and marine organisms, with a key focus in coastal ecology.
  • (ENG) 2015 Innovation Award – Dr Tom Cheung
    17 June 2015

    Professor Tom Cheung is a passionate scientist carrying out research in the field of muscle stem cells.
  • (ENG) Gordon Research Conferences Continue to Expand in Hong Kong
    4 June 2015

    The Gordon Research Conferences (GRCs) return to Hong Kong in 2015, with thirteen conferences and three seminars to take place in total.
  • (ENG) Senior Medical Research Fellow Annie Cheung
    2 June 2015

    Professor Annie Cheung is a doctor by training and a pathologist by profession with a key focus on women’s cancers.
  • (ENG) 2015 Advanced Study Institutes
    29 May 2015

    Croucher Advanced Study Institutes are intensive high-level teaching activities held in Hong Kong on carefully defined scientific subjects.
  • (ENG) Senior Research Fellow Yu Huang
    28 May 2015

    Professor Yu Huang is an experienced basic scientist with a key research interest, among many, in vascular function and dysfunction in diseases, mainly diabetes and hypertension.
  • (ENG) Senior Medical Research Fellow Ui-Soon Khoo
    26 May 2015

    Professor Ui-Soon Khoo is a renowned physician scientist known for her expertise and research experience in breast cancer, particularly in molecular genetics and pathobiology.
  • (ENG) Garnet Kin-Lic Chan: a theoretical chemist
    22 May 2015

    Garnet Chan is the A. Barton Hepburn Professor of Chemistry at Princeton University, New Jersey and a multi-award winning theoretical chemist in the field of quantum mechanics, the body of scientific principles that explain the behaviour of matter and its interactions with energy on the scale of atoms and subatomic particles.
  • (ENG) Senior Medical Research Fellow James Lau
    19 May 2015

    Dr James Lau is a renowned surgeon who is leading multicenter international studies in the advancement of therapeutic endoscopy.
  • (ENG) Dr Yung Man Hong: an expert in quantum cooling
    15 May 2015

    The study of fundamental physical phenomena at low temperatures requires efficient cooling methods. As numerical tools, cooling algorithms are crucial for studying ground-state problems in computational physics, and for solving complex optimisation problems in computer science.
  • (ENG) Senior Medical Research Fellow Patrick Woo
    15 May 2015

    Professor Patrick C.Y. Woo is a recognised international authority in the field of emerging infectious diseases, novel microbe discovery and microbial genomics.
  • (ENG) In memoriam: Dr Rayson Huang
    8 May 2015

    Dr Rayson Huang, one of four founding trustees of the Croucher Foundation, passed away peacefully on 8 April 2015 in the United Kingdom. Dr Huang was appointed by Noel Croucher on 8th December 1979 and served the Foundation for an unbroken tenure of 34 years.
  • (ENG) Senior Research Fellow Liwen Jiang
    7 May 2015

    Professor Liwen Jiang is a plant cell biologist who is contributing to our understanding of the molecular mechanisms of protein transport and organelle biogenesis in plants.
  • (ENG) Senior Research Fellow Benjamin Cowling
    30 April 2015

    Dr Benjamin John Cowling is an eminent biostatistician who combines biological, epidemiological, and statistical approaches with a practical understanding of public health issues, to investigate the epidemiology of influenza.
  • (ENG) Impact of climate change on food production
    30 April 2015

    A Croucher Foundation Research Fellowship alumnus has co-authored a paper highlighting the crucial link between effects of climate change on food security and theoretical models that can be adopted to combat the issue.
  • (ENG) Senior Research Fellow Dong-yan Jin
    30 April 2015

    Professor Dong-yan Jin is a seasoned virologist with a keen research interest in viral diseases and oncology. He seeks to understand why viruses cause different diseases as well as how different DNA and RNA viruses are able to invade their host’s innate immunity, which is the first line of defense in humans against these invading viruses.
  • (ENG) 2015 Research Fellowships
    15 April 2015

    The Croucher Foundation held the presentation ceremony of the Innovation and Senior Research Fellowship Awards on April 14, 2015 honouring ten distinguished scholars from four universities.
  • Croucher Summer Courses
    2 April 2015

    Held once every two years, these five-day residential summer courses aim to educate and inspire a small group of very promising postgraduate students and early career researchers from Hong Kong and overseas.
  • Cafe Scientifique presentation by Dr Samantha Tang
    12 March 2015

    At Cafe Scientifique yesterday evening, Dr Samantha Tang from the School of Chemistry at the University of Nottingham explained how to use online videos and live demonstrations to communicate science.
  • The 65th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting
    5 March 2015

    The Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting was established in 1951. The 65th meeting of its kind will take place from 28 June to 3 July 2015 in the Southern German town of Lindau at Lake Constance.
  • Workshop on Information Theory
    26 February 2015

    The IEEE Hong Kong-Taiwan Joint Workshop on Information Theory and Communications in January 2015 at City University.
  • Senior Research Fellow Danny Chan
    26 February 2015

    Introducing skeletal biologist and Croucher Foundation's 2014 Senior Research Fellow, Danny Chan.
  • SY Leung achieves breakthrough in gastric cancer research
    31 January 2015

    Dr Leung Suet-yi is the Y.W. Kan Professor of Natural Sciences and an Associate Dean of the Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine, University of Hong Kong. She was awarded a Croucher Senior Medical Research Fellowship in 2007.
  • Advanced Study Institute on Alzheimer’s and dementia in a global context
    20 January 2015

    The Croucher Advanced Study Institute on Alzheimer's and Dementia in a Global Context took place at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology on 12-14 January 2015.
  • Dr Vivian Li on contributing her piece to the puzzle of science
    18 December 2014

    Dr Vivian S.W. Li is currently a group leader at the Medical Research Council’s National Institute for Medical Research in the Division of Stem Cell Biology and Developmental Genetics. She was awarded the Croucher Foundation Fellowship in 2008.
  • Agreement signed in Beijing
    15 December 2014

    The signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Croucher Foundation and the Chinese Academy of Sciences.
  • Value of Croucher Scholarships and Fellowships
    5 December 2014

    A brief overview of the recent changes made to the value of Croucher Scholarships and Fellowships.
  • Advanced Study Institute on cloud computing
    5 December 2014

    The Croucher Advanced Study Institute 2014 on Information Security and Privacy in Social Networks and Cloud Computing took place at City University in Hong Kong on 2-4 December.
  • 2015 Selection exercise for study awards
    19 September 2014

    The 2015 round for applications to Croucher Study Awards is now open for application.
  • 2014 Innovation Award – Dr Stephanie Ma
    28 August 2014

    Dr Ma is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Anatomy of the University of Hong Kong, and the most recent recipient of the Croucher Innovation Award.
  • Croucher Class of 2014
    13 August 2014

    On 7th August 2014, at a lunch held in Hong Kong, Croucher Foundation Director Mr David Foster congratulated a group of young Hong Kong scientists, the most recent recipients of Croucher awards.
  • Croucher Trustee and Senior Research Fellow inducted into NAS
    30 April 2014

    Prof Dennis Lo, a Croucher Foundation trustee, and Prof Che Chi-Ming, a Croucher Senior Research Fellow, were inducted into the Natural Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (NAS) at the 151st Annual Meeting last weekend.
  • Gordon Research Conferences expand in Hong Kong
    25 April 2014

    The Gordon Research Conferences (GRC) has reaffirmed its commitment to expansion in the Asian region with an increasing number of conferences held in Hong Kong every year since 2000.
  • Award ceremony for Croucher Senior Research Fellowships and Innovation Awards 2014
    8 April 2014

    The presentation ceremony for the Croucher Senior Research Fellowships and Croucher Innovation Awards was held last Thursday, April 3 2014. Seven exceptional scholars from the University of Hong Kong (HKU) and the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) were honoured for their excellent scientific research achievements.
  • Professor Joseph Sung – doctor, academic, educator
    4 April 2014

    Professor Joseph Sung is the current Vice-Chancellor of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He was awarded the Croucher Scholarship in 1989 and the Croucher Senior Fellowship in 2003.
  • 2013 Croucher Advanced Study Institutes
    27 January 2014

    Three Croucher Advanced Study Institutes (ASIs), short courses aimed at improving the knowledge of established scientists, took place in December last year.
  • Two Croucher Fellows to attend research summit in Singapore
    16 December 2013

    Upon invitation from the National Research Foundation of Singapore (NRF), the Croucher Foundation has nominated two scholars to attend the Global Young Scientists Summit@one-North 2014 (GYSS).
  • CAS President visits Croucher
    10 December 2013

    In commemoration of almost 30 years of cooperation between the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and the Croucher Foundation, CAS President, Professor Bai Chunli made an inaugural visit to Hong Kong on December 5, 2013.
  • Croucher Scholar at CERN
    24 November 2013

    2012 Croucher Scholar, Faye Cheung, works on research at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN).
  • Exploring Schwann cells
    20 November 2013

    Dr Graham Shea is a Croucher-funded clinical assistant professor with a passion for research in regenerative medicine in relation to spinal trauma and degeneration.
  • Apply for a Croucher study award
    18 September 2013

    Croucher Foundation study awards enable promising young Hong Kong people to pursue research in the natural sciences, technology and medicine at postdoctoral and doctoral levels. Only permanent Hong Kong residents are eligible to apply. We are now inviting applications for awards tenable from autumn 2014.
  • Croucher Class of 2013
    13 August 2013

    On 9th August 2013, at a dinner held in Hong Kong, Croucher Foundation Trustee Professor Dennis Lo congratulated a group of young Hong Kong scientists, the most recent recipients of Croucher awards.
  • 2013 Innovation Award – Dr Hayden So
    11 July 2013

    Dr Hayden Kwok Hay So is a computer engineer whose main research interest is in the area of reconfigurable computing using Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) and Graphics Processing Unit (GPU).
  • 2013 Innovation Award – Dr Wang YAO
    11 July 2013

    Dr Wang Yao is a theoretical physicist whose aim is to explore new physics with potential applications for information technology. His research interests are in condensed matter physics, quantum physics and optical physics.
  • Tribute: Ian MacCallum
    16 May 2013

    Ian Robert Anderson MacCallum was the Vice Chairman of the Croucher Foundation and a founding trustee. Mr MacCallum was long-term resident of Hong Kong from 1956 to 1994. At the time of his appointment to the board of trustees of the Foundation Mr MacCallum was the senior partner of leading law firm Wilkinson & Grist.
  • 2013 Croucher Senior Research Fellowships
    3 April 2013

    Four exceptional scholars from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU), the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) and the University of Hong Kong (HKU) were awarded Senior Research Fellowships by the Foundation on 21st March 2013 for their excellent scientific research achievements and contributions to the international scientific community. The awards were presented by Mrs Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor, GBS, JP, Chief Secretary for Administration of the HKSAR Government.
  • At the intersection of art, science and technology
    15 March 2013

    Dr. Miu-Ling Lam is a 2008 Croucher Fellow and has recently joined the School of Creative Media at the City University of Hong Kong as an Assistant Professor. She has rich research experience in robotics and bioinformatics. She is also a media artist.
  • Cambridge Science Summer School
    14 September 2012

    The Foundation has supported for the first time the participation of four Hong Kong students to attend the Cambridge Science Summer School organized by Professor Gerard Evan FRS, Head of Department of Biochemistry at Cambridge.
  • Croucher Class of 2012
    10 August 2012

    On 9th August 2012 at a dinner in Hong Kong Trustees Professor Kenneth Young and Ms Josephine Price congratulated a group of young Hong Kong scientists, the most recent recipients of Croucher awards.
  • Croucher Fellow receives international award
    6 August 2012

    Professor Eric So is based at King’s College London where he has been working on a way to stop one of the most aggressive forms of acute leukemia returning after a patient has received treatment. In July 2012, his work received international recognition with the announcement of the inaugural Pezcoller Foundation - EACR Cancer Research Award.
  • 2012 Croucher Senior Research Fellowships
    30 March 2012

    Three outstanding scholars of the University of Hong Kong (HKU) were awarded the prestigious Senior Research Fellowship by the Foundation on 29th March 2012 in recognition of their excellent scientific achievements and contributions to the international scientific community.
  • Nanotwinned materials display unique properties
    15 March 2012

    Professor Jian Lu, Chair Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the City University of Hong Kong and Professor Ke Lu of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) Institute of Metal Research in Shenyang have developed a novel processing technique for transforming metallic surfaces into nanocrystalline structures.
  • Croucher Innovation Awards
    8 March 2012

    The Croucher Innovation Awards are substantial awards of up to HK$5 million each for research expenses to be used over five years at the discretion of the recipient.
  • Start-up allowance for Croucher award recipients
    2 December 2011

    The terms of Croucher Foundation study awards have been expanded recently to include a supplementary start-up allowance payable to Croucher Scholarship and Fellowship recipients.
  • 2012 Cambridge Science Summer School
    8 November 2011

    The Cambridge Science Summer School offers an opportunity for promising undergraduate students of biology and biomedicine who wish to spend the summer in Cambridge gaining practical research training at the laboratory bench within top biological research laboratories in Cambridge University, using state-of-the-art facilities and under the dedicated mentorship of that laboratory’s Principal Investigator.
  • Pitcher plant inspires slippery surface
    26 September 2011

    The slick interior of the pitcher plant has inspired a highly slippery material possessing self-lubricating, self-cleaning and self-healing properties.
  • Apply for a Croucher study award
    22 September 2011

    The Foundation is now inviting applications for study awards tenable from autumn 2012.
  • Frontiers of Science
    22 September 2011

    On 5 September 2011, a group of over sixty young scientists gathered at the Kavli Royal Society International Centre at Chicheley Hall in Buckinghamshire to discuss the latest advances in their respective research fields.
  • Potential new therapies for debilitating muscle diseases
    1 September 2011

    A number of small, easy-to-synthesise molecules may offer hope to people affected by myotonic dystrophy.
  • Croucher Class of 2011
    5 August 2011

    On 12 July 2011 at a dinner in Hong Kong the Chairman of the Croucher Foundation Professor Tak Wah Mak FRS and Trustees George Long and Josephine Price congratulated a group of exceptionally talented young Hong Kong scientists, the most recent recipients of Croucher awards.
  • Hopes raised of blocking return of leukaemia
    6 July 2011

    Professor Eric So is based at King’s College London where he has been working on a way to stop one of the most aggressive forms of acute leukemia MLL returning after a patient has received treatment.
  • Professor Yuk Ming Dennis Lo FRS
    6 July 2011

    In May 2011, Professor Dennis Lo was elected to the fellowship of the Royal Society, the oldest scientific academy in continuous existence.
  • Summer Teaching Laboratory at Woods Hole
    3 June 2011

    The Summer Teaching Laboratory at Woods Hole provides opportunities for Hong Kong postgraduate students to participate in an eight week programme at the Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, USA.
  • Croucher Fellow works on “time travel”
    3 June 2011

    Dr Chiu-man HO, Croucher Fellow (2007) is now at Vanderbilt University where he is working with Professor Thomas Weiler in the Department of Physics and Astronomy on a theory which indicates that the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva could be capable of causing particles to travel backwards in time.
  • 2011 Croucher Senior Research Fellowships
    3 June 2011

    On 24th March 2011 five exceptional Hong Kong scientists were awarded Croucher Senior Research Fellowships at a ceremony in Hong Kong.  The awards were presented by Mr Michael Suen Ming-yeung, Secretary for Education of the Hong Kong SAR Government.
  • Farewell dinner for Professor Y.W. Kan FRS
    3 June 2011

    On 25th March 2011 representatives of the scientific and international community gathered in Hong Kong at a dinner to mark the retirement from the Chairmanship of the Croucher Foundation of Professor Y.W. Kan FRS.  The Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Mr Donald Tsang Yam-kuen officiated at the dinner.
  • Sixth report published
    3 June 2011

    A report highlighting the activities of the Foundation over five years from 2006 to 2010 was published on 24th March 2011.
  • Advanced Study Institutes 2011-12
    1 June 2011

    In March 2011, the Foundation approved grants to five Advanced Study Institutes on specific scientific topics for the 2011-12 academic year.
  • Sponsorship of International Conferences 2011-12
    1 June 2011

    In March 2011, grants were made to 12 international conferences to be held in Hong Kong in the 2011-2012 academic year.
  • Science Alive 2010
    30 May 2011

    In November 2010, over 6,000 students and their teachers participated in the Science Alive programme of demonstration lectures and teacher workshops held in Hong Kong.
  • The CAS-Croucher Funding Scheme for Joint Laboratories
    30 May 2011

    Two awards were approved in the latest selection exercise in June 2010. The Foundation received 20 applications from the universities. These were consequently peer-reviewed by 48 senior expert scientists invited from 10 countries, including 22 based in the mainland of China.
  • Fellowships, Scholarships, Studentships 2010-2011
    30 May 2011

    Interviews in Hong Kong were held in March 2010, and interviews in the UK took place in April 2010 in Cambridge. Results have been announced.