Professor CHE Chi Ming

Professor Che Chi Ming is Dr Hui Wai-Haan Chair of Chemistry at The University of Hong Kong. He is a Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (elected in 1995), a Fellow of the Academy of Sciences for the Developing World (elected in 2007), and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (elected in 2009). He is distinguished for his research in synthetic chemistry and inorganic and organometallic photochemistry. His major achievements included studies on highly oxidizing / reactive metal-ligand multiple bonded species, which are key reactive intermediates in metal-catalyzed organic reactions including the asymmetric synthesis and biological processes. Che is a pioneer in the development of photoluminescent coordinatively unsaturated metal complexes, photochemistry of metal-oxo and -nitrido compounds, and photochemistry involving weak metal-metal bonding interactions between closed shell metal ions. Recently he turned his attention to materials sciences, inorganic medicines, and chemical biology. He is the author or co-author of over 700 publications, with an H-index of 76, and has been listed (since 2005) in the ISI Highly Cited Researchers worldwide by Among other recognition or awards/prizes received by Che are the following: 2000 Distinguished Research Achievement Award from The University of Hong Kong; 2005 Ranked 21st in the world’s top 40 most cited authors for their papers published in Chemical Communications between 19652004; 2005 Fellow of Federation of Asian Chemical Societies; 2006 TWAS Prize in Chemistry from the Academy of Sciences for the Developing World; 2007 Leader of the Year (Education/Research Category) in Hong Kong; 2007 Prize of Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation for Scientific and Technological Progress (何梁何利基金科學與技術進步獎); 2007 Seaborg Memorial Lectureship from the University of California at Berkeley; 2008 Julia S. and Edward C. Lee Lectureship from the University of Chicago. In February 2007, Che received the First Class Prize of the State Natural Science Award (國家自然科學獎一等獎)for his work in reactive metal-ligand multiple bonded complexes. (1997/1998)

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