Professor Vincent Kin Nang LAU

Professor Vincent Kin Nang Lau is a Professor in the Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology who has made significant contributions to the field of wireless systems, including the 3G and 4G systems we are familiar with today, and advanced protocols which are still at the development stage.

The wireless systems of the future will need to support the huge capacity demand of trillions of devices. They will need to be highly stable and provide ubiquitous coverage. They will need to be energy-efficient.

In his earlier work, Lau pioneered several developments in the MIMO (‘multiple-input and multiple-output’) framework. Lau established the mathematical framework for “cross-layer optimisation”. To allow the transmission to adapt dynamically to the environment, he has also developed a solution to the ‘limited feedback’ problem, in which information about the channel condition can only be sent from the receiver back to the transmitter in the limited bits available for feedback. This work has been incorporated into several international standards.

Lau is now working on the energy-efficiency of wireless systems including the study of a major source of energy wastage, network interference. In addition, several new technologies have been studied including cognitive wireless networks which can adapt to the changing network conditions, and novel systems which make use of existing LED lighting infrastructure.

Lau graduated from the University of Hong Kong, and won a Croucher Foundation Scholarship to pursue his doctoral studies at the University of Cambridge. Early in his career he worked at the Bell Laboratories (New Jersey, USA). He joined the faculty of HKUST in 2004, and moved to his current position as Professor in 2010.

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