If you wish to pursue a career in the natural sciences, technology or medicine, check the list below to see if you might be eligible for support under one of our competitive programmes. We offer a variety of funding programmes including scholarships for doctoral study, fellowships for postdoctoral research, senior research fellowships and grants for conferences, workshops and collaborative research.

The Croucher Foundation Limited was established as a separate entity in 2006 to take over the grant-making responsibilities of the Foundation. Unless otherwise stated, all grants introduced on this website are offered by the Croucher Foundation Limited.

Study awards
Opportunities for promising Hong Kong scientists

Research fellowships
For early career and established scientists in Hong Kong

Scientific exchange
Helping to share scientific knowledge

Science communication studentships
For passionate students who aspire to bring science closer to the lives of young people

Science education
Promoting a wider understanding of science

Emergency funding
Help for Hong Kong students experiencing financial difficulty